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I’ve spent the last 7 years watching companies buy new software to solve their process problems, shortly after, they hit a wall and place all the blame on the tool or provider.

The next thoughts are based on my experience as a Customer Success Manager and Account Manager for a different range of B2B clients and a high touch model.

Here’s what I’ve learned and what you, as a CSM can do to help.

Imagine this scenario. You love to eat and cook for yourself and your family. When you find time to cook, you really enjoy it, but for…

@ San Francisco Crossfit

New week, another writing exercise.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been a Crossfit athlete for about 2 years and a half and a huge fan of the sport. N14 Crossfit in Braga is where I exercise 3 times a week, but most importantly, it’s where I feel a part of a community that supports each other, much different from the common gym atmosphere.

Btw don’t refer to a Crossfit space as a gym, our training ground name is Box.😄

In my experience, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what Crossfit is, and I find myself most…

Here I am writing as I promised myself I would on a weekly basis.

It’s hard though, what subject should I focus on? Describing my week, picking something about my personal life, perhaps writing about a Customer Success topic?

Maybe I can write about this problem. How to select my next subject?

Well, I suppose I’ll try to collect some ideas along the week and pick one to write about on Sundays. It should be something that I care about because, in the end, this should be a fun exercise.

Regarding my previous week, it was the last of my parental leave.

To begin with, I’m feeling truly grateful for having the…

Hello world! I’m Luís, and I want to become a better writer.

That’s it, that’s my new goal, and I’ll be using Medium to accomplish it.

The plan is simple; every week, I’ll write down my thoughts about the previous week, learnings, what went well and not so good.

For now, I don’t want to be hooked to any particular subject, so the writing exercise could be about Customer Success, gadgets, video-games, parenthood, anything.

Consistency will be key, and I’ll try to deliver a new text every Sunday night.

Until the next one, and have a nice week :)

Luis Barbosa

SaaS enthusiast | Customer Success Manager @Infraspeak | Father of a beautiful dog #Diva and a super kid Duarte.

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